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Thursday, September 12, 2013

I know I've been a lazy girl and really pilling on the weight. I totally feel that I have a problem with being consistent and I'm just quite extreme, 2 years back i actually went on a diet and lost over 10kg, since i was at my dream weight, i got complacent and BYEBYE to my DIET.

I'm the classic coach potato type - after work, drive home, play with my guinea pigs a bit and clean their home, shower, have dinner and for the rest of the night i would slum on my comfy armchair with an array of snacks and transform to a total TV Junkie and hit the bed to zZz-land at 12-1am and the evil cycle starts again.

And now i think I'm putting my foot down and going on a diet + exercise to try and lose all these weight again.

London Weight Management

Singapore Quality Brand Award 2013/2014

AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards 2013:
Winner for Best Beauty and Weight Loss Provider

Established in 2001, London Weight Management has been widely received by female customers with weight issues. The efficacy of their customised weight loss programmes have brought new hope to those who have been battling with weight problems most of their lives. To date, countless women have experienced promising weight loss results from their breakthrough weight management success.

For consecutively 2 weeks, after work I've went to London Weight Management at Singpost building which was about 5 mins drive away from my office [so convenient!] 

I was invited to try out 2 sessions of the treatments at London Weight Management and i really couldn't hide my excitement because hello?! Losing weight just by laying there and doing nothing. Zero effort on my part? *HUGE BROWNIE POINT FOR THAT!*

And I've seen London Weight Management's TV talkshows and ads around since i was in my early teens and I've always wondered simply how does it work to just lay there and lose a bunch of weight. But they have been around since year 2001, they have helped countless number of ladies who have been battling weight issues all these lives and experience promising weight loss through their weight loss treatments, they would most definitely be able to help me too right?

So for my 1st treatment at London Weight Management it took slightly longer, total of 2.5hours. 30 minutes for consultation prior to the treatment!

My consultant, Mandy gave me a one-on-one Consultation, talked about my areas of concern and during the consultation my slimming programme is planned based on my lifestyle, eating habits to achieve weight loss results quickly!

So after the consultation, Mandy told me I was going to do the following treament: Aroma steam bath + Lavender sea scrub + Warm Blanket + Ampoule + Electro muscle stimulation machine

I went to change into a comfy satin-y robe and before starting my treatment, Mandy took my weight and height then she ushered me into the locker room to leave my belongings [had to leave my camera in there so... no photos during the treatment!] 

I was given a cool wet towel to cover my mouth + nose so I could breathe properly in the Aroma Steam Bath, it was quite enjoyable especially after a long day at work, really relaxed my muscles, I'd recommend you to remove your makeup thou. Mandy also came to check on me once or twice during the steam bath to make sure i was feeling ok. (:

I had a huge ???? when i found out that they only serve Women but not Men, but i quickly realized why. 

We ladies wouldn't want men to give us any weird looks that we're seeking treatment for slimming, we want to appear curvy and gorgeous and perfect in front of men. So i feel that it was very considerate for us ladies to not cram our self-esteem by only serving ladies here. I especially like the Singpost Building outlet because it's located at a corner of the building, pretty inconspicuous so no worries if you're feeling shy or whatever.

After 20 minutes of the Aroma Steam Bath, Mandy brought me to my treatment room for the Lavender Sea Scrub treatment + Warm Blanket treatment was to draw out the excess water retention and also burn fats, first she applied the Lavender Sea Scrub all over with me lying on a sheet of plastic on the treatment bed. 

The purpose of the Lavender Sea Scrub other than removing the dead skin for easy absorption of the following treatment, it also allows your body to go into an osmotic condition, and i was wrapped in a warm blanket for the next 30 minutes and it was so comfortable i couldn't help but go to my happy place, dozing off for the entire treatment! Hehe SHIOK! 

Almost couldn't bear opening my eyes when my therapist very gently woke me up and got me out of the warm blanket. It was crazy the amount of sweat/water that was in the plastic sheet, quite a shocking sight from lying in bed for 30 minutes!

So I went to take a quick shower and went back to the treatment room where Mandy took measurements of my arms, waist and legs and applied a slimming ampoule that would have my body consistently burning fat for the next 24 hours!

Then i was lying on the treatment bed while Mandy strap the pads on my arms, body and legs that is hook to the Electro Muscle Stimulation machine which helps to burn fat, it was quite fun really, the sensation is like a little rubber pad micro-giggling and tingling my body to exercise my muscles/fats for 30 mins. Mandy came in every 10 mins or so to check on me and ask me if i would like the intensity to be adjusted higher or lower.


After two weeks, I completed 2 sessions of the above and I actually lost 2 KG! 
It's pretty amazing!
It really encouraging and it's definitely motivating me to continue and lose more! :D
Throughout this 2 weeks, erm being the lazy couch-potato me, i didn't exercise either, but i did cut down on my snacking and snacked on oranges instead when my unstoppable mouth is itching. 
Which i thought was super impressive considering all i did was lay around and dozing off during treatments!

If you're like me and you're thinking of losing some weight or any of the below, 
you should most definitely try one complimentary session first and see if you like it! 

Overall Weight Gain
Post-natal Weight Gain
Bulging Tummy
Flabby Arms
Bulky "Thunder" Thighs
Sagging Buttocks
Cellulite / Stretch Marks
Water Retention / Toxins

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Hotline: 6222 1234

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick. 

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